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Listing a Home?

Why People Come to Me When Selling a House

I think the main reason is because I listen. I listen to your wants, needs, goals, and expectations, and I’ll let you know immediately if I can realistically meet those expectations, and discuss with you how I think I can help you meet your goals. After all, your agent should represent YOUR interests, not their own. You might think this is strange, but I encourage all my potential clients to take meetings with other agents if they are considering purchasing or selling a home. It’s important to me that my clients feel I am the best fit for them, more than it’s important for me to have a “sale.” I also let my potential clients know upfront that there are many things in the market that I am unable to control or influence, try as I may. However, I can make sure we create a plan together that lets you know you have someone on your side throughout the whole process.

Days on Market: What to Expect?

My cumulative average DOM (days on market) to sell a home is less than three weeks over my entire real estate career.

Make Your Home Sell Quickly

Selling a home is as much about setting expectations as it is about picking the right paint color, or NOT picking that bright purple carpet. I┬ácan offer quick and inexpensive tips on how to make your home more sellable, and help you price the home competitively using in depth analytics that make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table.

Assessing Your Home

If you choose to have me do a listing presentation at your home, I promise you brutal honesty and an accurate assessment of what your home will sell for and when it will sell.